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This unique mix of ideas, concepts and perfect musical execution means that AREPO Management Ltd., is a key contributor in reaching audiences far outside of the traditional classical music boundaries. AREPO Management Ltd., prides itself on being able to bring classical music to the fore for everyone to enjoy, not just a select audience. As a result, we have gained a reputation for excellence not just in the classical music world, but also in the cross over market.

We are perhaps best known for our magnificent Last Night of The Proms concerts which we perform all over the UK. These concerts feature a mixture of well-known and popular classics combined with a feast of patriotic anthems featuring the English National Philharmonic Orchestra and some of the country's elite operatic soloists. We are exceptionally proud to be able to offer concerts and shows that delight all music lovers, ranging from the classical music ‘purist’ to cross over and more poplar material.


The next twelve months looks to be the busiest ever with AREPO Management Ltd., presenting multiple concerts up and down the country in some of the UK’s biggest theatres and musical arenas.

AREPO Management Ltd., specialises in supplying and producing both traditional and modern popular classical concerts in the UK and beyond. We work in partnership with, and are also the official representatives of, the English National Philharmonic Orchestra (ENPO).

If you are a promoter, booker or event organiser and are looking for an incredible classical concert experience and a truly unforgettable evening, AREPO Management Ltd., is your answer.

Whether you require a solo opera singer or wish to hire The English National Philharmonic Orchestra and choir for a Last Night Of the Proms Spectacular, we can provide this unique service; we offer our clients some of the industry's most famous names along side our highly sought-after orchestra.

Over many years, we have established an exceptional team of artistes, concert producers, musicians, composers, directors, promoters and even marketing strategists in order to deliver the very best concert experience possible.

We don't just supply classical music concerts; we create and produce spellbinding shows tailored to the specific audience. Our team have a tremendous understanding of what works and connects with various audience types and as a result, we offer shows and concerts of exceptional quality that are guaranteed to make a lasting impact.

Many of our team members work in some of the most famous classical music venues around the world from the Royal Opera House to the Royal Albert Hall. Equally, we have a large number of experts and artistes from much wider fields in the entertainment industry who regularly work with us.

Home Of The English National

Philharmonic Orchestra


Kemp House,

152 - 160 City Road,



Tel: (+44) 020 7897824


Email: enquires@arepo.com

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