The English National Philharmonic Orchestra (ENPO)

The orchestra believe that performing great music is only the starting point for a memorable evening; they appreciate how much detailed planning is required, how the whole scene needs to be set, the ambiance created and the most spectacular performances delivered to make a truly magical evening. To give their audience the very best classical musical experience possible, the orchestra work in partnership with our AREPO Management Production team.


The majority of concerts performed will usually comprise of over 80 musicians, however, some performances may include as little as 19, but the production quality and beautiful sound created by the talented musicians is never in question.


Taking the orchestra on tour is a gargantuan task in itself and certainly a challenge for even the most experienced promoters and organisers. The assignment of contracting up to 150 ENPO musicians and arranging each individual artist's needs both personally and logistically, in particular the larger instruments such as the double bass, harp and percussion, is by no means an easy undertaking.


The traditional ENPO comprises three percussion, one harp, eight French horns, eight trumpets, six trombones, two tubas, four flutes, four clarinets, four oboes, four bassoons, four double bass, ten cellos, eight violas, fourteen violins and one very busy conductor!

The English National Philharmonic Orchestra is fast becoming one of the UK’s leading orchestras. It is made up of some of the country’s top musicians and has a passion for making the most beautiful classical music accessible to everyone. This ambition has already been realised with numerous critically acclaimed concerts performed expertly all over the country.


Throughout 2017, international soprano Lesley Garrett will take centre stage during a multi-night tour with this incredible orchestra, delivering its ambitious programming and musical passion for all to enjoy.


The ENPO is largely accredited to the high-calibre of its musicians; one of the appealing factors for choosing the ENPO is that it is renowned for only using experienced musicians of the highest standard, giving top quality performances, time after time. The musicians that make up the ENPO have been carefully sought, auditioned and selected from all over the UK and beyond. If you are already a fan of the Royal Philharmonic, BBC Symphony, Vienna Philharmonic and many more famous orchestras, you will no doubt recognise some of our musicians.


The group’s Artistic Director, Ben Crick, is known as an innovative and original conductor. He is a former BBC Music Fellow who in recent years has conducted concertos with some of the world’s leading musicians including Tasmin Little, Raphael Wallfisch, Peter Donohoe, Nicholas Daniel and Jennifer Pike as well as conducting Handel’s Messiah with Dame Emma Kirkby performing the spine-tingling soprano solos.

ENPO Tour Dates & Events

We are proud to announce that ENPO with be accompanying celebrated soprano Lesley Garrett in our fantastic new production as well as many other concerts.

Home Of The English National

Philharmonic Orchestra


Kemp House,

152 - 160 City Road,



Tel: (+44) 020 7897824


Email: enquires@arepo.com

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