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The Magic Of The Movies

The Magic of The Movies showcases the most celebrated scores from the silver screen. The undeniable emotional impact of music in film is captured beautifully in this spellbinding concert, featuring pieces from the golden age of cinema right through to today's Hollywood blockbusters. This concert delivers a plethora of cinema favourites that everyone will know, love and reflect upon.


Ben Crick conducts the English National Philharmonic Orchestra who takes the audience on an unforgettable musical journey through cinematic time. This musical voyage is laced with the sweetest nostalgia as the audience is transported through the golden era of cinema and song.


Since its inception in the late twenties, music has been instrumental in enhancing the experience of movies-goers and very often is the key ingredient in connecting and evoking emotions between the audience and the events on the big screen. Over the years, many of the pieces from Hollywood’s Big Blockbusters have become both synonymous and as equally well-known as the movies themselves and this unique concert promises to deliver the very best of this genre.

While movie-making is primarily a visual art form, the importance of a gripping score can’t be overstated and that’s why The Magic of The Movies, pays tribute to the legendary film score composers of the silver screen.


Perhaps the most famous Hollywood composer is the great John Williams whose exhilarating “Superman”, “Indiana Jones, Raiders of The Lost Arc” and of course “Star Wars” all appear in this fantastic concert. This magnificent production also includes pieces from Hans Zimmer such as “Gladiator” and James Horner’s “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic, to name just a few.


The show also guest stars soprano Amy Whittle, direct from the west end, and tenor Lee Bradley who sing some of the most iconic songs from many of the major motion pictures through the decades.


Special tribute is payed to Rodgers and Hammerstein, who gave us a string of popular Broadway musicals in the 1940s and 1950s, including Oklahoma!, Carousel, South Pacific, The King and I and The Sound of Music thus creating what we now know as the "golden age" of musical theatre. This glorious concert also celebrates the unforgettable and legendary voices of Hollywood such Mario Lanza and Judy Garland.


Throughout the performance, our special guest compare narrates the storylines and guides us through this spectacular journey of Hollywood music, which is filled with fun, humour and takes a historical look back in time at this celebrated genre of music.

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